Call or Text 385-220-2610 is a company dedicated to connecting Home Service Business Owners to new clients.  It uses a proprietary strategy of linking software and mobile phone networks between local service professionals and their customer base to make successful business connections.

About CallKinnect

The TIME it takes to Build a Small Business.



  • We started in 2007 as Local AdBuzz helping Medical Services small business owners
  • We spent time building our proprietary software for mobile technology at the same time testing and retesting our proprietary Marketing strategies for small business new customer acquisition
  • Expanded into Home Service in 2014
  • 2017 created

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Why Do You Need

There are a few very good reasons that local Home Services Businesses should call

Small business client acquisition

If you are a business owner, can help you with acquiring a new clientele base.  The site’s proprietary strategy for connecting service provider to client is unparalleled.  Any local connections desired can be made with    

Local lead generation

With, a business owner can generate local leads that would expand its business customer base.  Further, an individual in need of service could use to find a service provider in the local operating area that can help with completing any task that needs to be done.

Convenience of connection

The website is designed with the user in mind.  It is designed simply to forge a relationship between service professionals and customers on a more personal, focused level.  Instead of researching elsewhere, call, which uses a special strategy to quickly and easily connect you with a new Customer

Who Uses

Any local Home Service provider looking to improve or expand its customer base would benefit from using  These service providers can be any small business owner, such as a roofer looking to generate new leads, and expand upon their customer base. Likewise, any individual looking to find a professional that specializes in roofing and home repairs to help with that specific task would benefit from using the website.  This means that those who are in need of home repair can use to connect with your business and get their roofing done while keeping the work local and connected to the community.